French Style Black Fur Felt Cap Hat

This is a french style womens felt cap of a famous Diva hats shape.

Handmade on wooden block of high quality fur felt with velour coating which is comfortable  and durable. Interior is trimmed with grosgrain ribbon.

 This is very comfortable cap. You can wear it fall or winter, anyway it will keep you warm and comfortable. Sets your fashion vibe on a distinctive note and adds a cultured grace to your persona.

Safe & Quick delivery 
Shipping directly from workshop in the heart of Florida all over the US and Worldwide. Highest level of attention to packaging, short delivery time. Everything is sent in stiff cardboard boxes, handled with care.

Eco-Friendly material

Fur felt is a wonderfully versatile fabric with a long history. High quality felt consists of 100% rabbit hair. Fur felt it is also good to defend wind and rain. It will not fray because it has no yarns to unravel.

Fur felt molded into various shapes for uses such as hats, berets, bags, boots, and others.

A surface of quality fur felt hat is creating a soft visual effect such as velvet.

French Style Black Fur Felt Cap Hat

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